Morning Registration

The school gates open to welcome pupils at 8am and close at 8:35am.  Pupils arriving after 8.35am but before 8.40am attend form but are marked late (L code) by their Form Tutor.  Those arriving after 8.40am report to reception to sign in and will also be marked as late (L code). All students arriving late will be told to report to the School Hall at break for a late detention with Senior Leadership Team.

Morning registration is open from 8:35am to 9:05am. Pupils arriving after registration closes (after 5 minutes), will be marked as late after register closes (U code). This is an unauthorised absence and negatively impacts a pupils attendance percentage. If this continues as a pattern it also negatively impacts on a pupils’ academic outcomes.

Afternoon Registration

Afternoon registration is open from 1.40pm to 2.10pm. Pupils arriving after registration closes (after 2.10pm), will be marked as late after register closes. This is an unauthorised absence and negatively impacts a pupils attendance percentage and results in lost learning.  If they are not on site but have already been registered for previous lessons (and are not absent for a valid reason) then they will be reported as missing to parents and potentially other authorities if no valid reason is given.

Lesson Registration

In secondary schools, attendance and punctuality registers are also taken for individual lessons.

  • Registers must be taken within the first 10 minutes of the lesson.
  • Attendance officer runs a report and cross references these against daily attendance for those pupils not in lessons
  • All students not in lesson are accounted for but vulnerable students are prioritised.
  • Students who are deemed to be missing from lesson but in school are tracked down by student support and SLT. A note is recorded on Arbor as to whether the absence was legitimate or truancy.
  • If a student is unable to be found, parents are called and informed that their child has absconded.

Leaving The Premises During the School Day

When a student is known to have left without consent or permission parents are informed immediately. Reasons why are established, and appropriate action is implemented to try to prevent a reoccurrence. If a student has a prearranged appointment or is deemed too ill to be in school by the school matron, they can leave site, but only if collected by a parent or carer. 

Notifying the school of your child’s absence

Parents must notify school on the first day the child is unable to attend school, by 8.30am or as soon as practically possible by notifying reception/attendance by phone call or email. Parents must give detailed reasons for absence. For example, ‘child has a throat infection/been sick etc’ rather than just ‘unwell/poorly’.

Attendance issues must be reported to the Attendance Officer via or 01743 284000

There are few stronger links to school success than high attendance. Our GCSE results show this every year that those students with attendance above 96% making far better academic progress than their peers with lower attendance.

This is a fantastic page that outlines and advises parents of how to make decisions about when to and when not to send your child into school.

Is my child too ill for school? - NHS (

Please click here to download the Absence Request Form

Please click here to view the Attendance Policy


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