We were delighted to hear from Alumni members who offered to deliver presentations to students please see below.   

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our Alumni for all the time and support.


Fred Pye  

Computer Science - Fred delivered a presentation to Year 10 and 11 imedia students.  The presentation covered multimedia areas such as preparing online content in terms of graphics, audio, video, working with or on different platforms and legal implications.  Fred also gave students an insight into 16 possible career opportunities relating to multimedia expertise.  

Drama - Fred was very involved with drama when attending The Priory School.  He very kindly agreed to conduct a question and answer session with students about his career path since leaving school, with a particular focus on how Drama helped him succeed.  The session was recorded and a video produced which was shown during the school's Year 9 options evening.

English at Work and Careers Event - our sincere thanks go to Fred for producing a video for year 9 students for this event.  The video covered showing students how important it is to have good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills when they leave school to help them with future employment and education.  Fred also covered career opportunities available in his field of work.

James McKie 

Geography - James delivered a virtual presentation to Year 9 Geography students about what is involved in moving to Sweden and his career path.  The students really enjoyed the session and fed back comments such as:

  • Really interesting, I’d like to go and visit Sweden now.
  • Love the sound of going there, but I would also miss fish and chips 
  • Enjoyed the talk and the questions, would love to do more of this in lessons for people in different countries.

James lives and works in Sweden and has offered to talk to our language and business students.  He recently came into school whilst he was back in Shrewsbury and was given a tour and met staff.  James stated he had really enjoyed his time back at school and how much it has changed and thanked everyone for their time. 

Adam Shantry

PE - Adam will be talking virtually to our GCSE PE students about his sporting career pathway since leaving The Priory School.  Adam is a Cricket professional and is currently Head coach at Shrewsbury School.  He played professionally for Northamptonshire CCC, Warwickshire CCC and Glamorgan CCC.  He also played overseas in Australia, South Africa, and the West Indies. 

Dan Braddock

PE - We were delighted when Dan contacted us offering to talk to our PE students.  Dan is a former student from The Priory School and is involved in a number of sports clubs in the area, he holds a number of positions within these clubs from admin to coaching.  Dan is also a keen sportsman.

Dan came into school and spoke to our year 10 cohort during a life lesson about his experiences and volunteering roles within sport.  

Judy Arliss and Gloria Lewis

Judy and Gloria came to school and took part in our English @ Work and Careers Event speaking to year 9 students about their career paths and English skills.  They were at Priory in 1953 and the students were fascinated to hear about how the school was at that time.

Julius Victorino – Julius took part in our Year 10 mock interviews where he conducted 10 minute interviews with our Year 10 students for the morning. 

Will Coles – Will has offered to talk to our English students and took part in the Year 9 English @ Work and Careers event in the Autumn Term.

Judy Arliss - Judy is one of our Priory Alumni visited the school library recently to talk to our Creative Writing club and student librarians.  Judy went on to a career of teaching and writing.  The students greatly enjoyed hearing about her life experiences, old bomb shelters in the school field and how the same corridors we walk today were open to the elements. Judy has just launched a new book, Natalie and Nassima with a signing at Shrewsbury Library. It is available to purchase via Amazon.  Judy continues to visit school periodically to work with our student librarians.  

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