Address to Students, Parents and Carers 11th June 2020



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Address to Student, Parents and Carers 2nd June 2020

Address to Students 29th April 2020

End of Term Assembly (Address) by Mr Barratt


The latest update from the Principal is available here:

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Summer Celebration Evening - 16th July 2020

Uniform Charity Sale - 14th July 2020

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Year 11 Parents, Carers and Students 9th June 2020

Year 10 English Letter to Parents/Carers 5th June 2020

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Parent Safeguarding Information 2nd June 2020

Shropshire Council Letter to Parents/Carers 22nd May 2020

Letter to Parents/Carers/Key Workers 22nd May 2020

Year 10 re-opening information letter - 20th May 2020

May half term closure Letter 18th May 2020

Letter to Parents and Carers 11th May 2020

Letter to Parents, Carers and students 4th May 2020

Start of term letter to Parents and Carers April 2020

Letter to Year 11, Parents, Carers - Year 11 GCSE Awarding of Grades - 27th April 2020

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Letter to Students, Parents, Carers Year 11 - 26th March 2020

Letter to Parents/Carers 20th March Key Worker Instructions

Letter Parents/Carers 20th March Work for Students

Letter to Parents/Carers 19th March 2020 Key Worker

Letter to Parents/Carers 19th March Year 11

Letter to Parents/Carers 17th March 2020



Please click here to view transition information



Please find the latest exam guidance for Parents below:

Ofqual Exam Guidance for Parents


TwoPointSix Challenge

For more details of the Priory School's #TwoPointSixChallenge event, please click here 


The Priory Virtual Library

A user friendly and easily accessible, virtual school library hub signposting you to news, learning resources and books. This is for use by both students* and parents/carers.

*Some parental supervision required as the ebook sites including Shropshire Libraries feature a wide selection of content.

You can access this resource using the link below:

Priory Virtual Library

Priory Library Instagram

Priory Library Twitter 


Work for students during school closure:

In these unprecedented times, we are committed to providing work and feedback to all of our students in order to allow them to make progress.  This is inevitably very different to what students would experience if in school, but time has been spent preparing suitable work and procedures for providing feedback to students.

Each department has prepared their own approach to this and shared it with students.  The majority of work will be accessed through Show My Homework and we have shared login details with students this week to ensure they, and you, have access to view the work and resources that have been shared.  Some departments have also referred students to shared areas, where work has been saved for them to access.  

The onus is on students to complete the work set and submit it, where required, for feedback to their teacher. Show My Homework provides students with the ability to send messages to teachers and for teachers to reply, so dialogue will still be possible.  We expect students to be proactive in using this facility.  Please bear in mind that, due to Priory still being open to students and their own childcare constraints, some teachers may not be able to monitor SMH during normal school hours.

Please do also continue to access the online resources listed below (more will be added in due course) and encourage your child to take this opportunity to read widely.


Useful Links

Office 365

Show My Homework




Below are links to English resources that link to the core skills that students are working on in school. They are not our schemes of work, but they relate to the same areas of skill as those who are in school.

Year 7

Narrative Writing

Understanding Poetry (Essential Skills)

Year 8

The Romantic Poets

Understanding Poetry (Essential Skills)

Year 9

Understanding Poetry (Essential Skills)

Understanding Poetry (GCSE Skills)

Year 10

Analysing Fiction (English Language Paper 1 Section A)

Producing Fiction Texts (English Language Paper 1 Section B)

Year 11

English Literature Resources 

English Literature Resources

Priory Crossword

Priory School Crossword #1 - Web Version

Priory School Crossword #1 - Print Version

Priory School Crossword #2 - Web Version

Priory School Crossword #2 - Print Version



All students have access to HegartyMaths and can use this to keep up with their Maths work.

HegartyMaths Website 

HegartyMaths Home Support Guide

If\when the school closes then we will be able to set specific tasks for our groups to complete but with the volume of individuals who are off then it will be an excessive task to set specific work for every student self-isolating. Students should therefore be using their books to identify areas to focus on and use the search bar to find these topics to work on.



Students should use their school login details to access foldr, and then within the Y: shared drive select the appropriate folder for their year. Within this folder they can find summary sheets to revise topics they have already covered.

Additionally students can use their Educake login to set themselves on the topics covered.

Educake Website




Business Studies



In addition to any work set on SMHW, you may wish to access some of the following sites to enhance your knowledge and skills. These websites contain a mixture of games, videos, practice questions and so on.


Skills based / place knowledge Year 7 and 8:


For Year 9 (particularly those opting for GCSE), 10, 11 – we study AQA GCSE

BBC Bitesize Geography (KS3 and GCSE areas) will be updating on a weekly basis:

Not AQA but superb for resources and video materials, diagrams and practice questions  (you’ll need to create a login)  educational talks – pick your topic!  free taster courses for adults thinking about uni, but the nature/environment ones are good for expanding your physical geography knowledge. 



In addition to any work set on Show My Homework, you may wish to access some of the following sites to enhance your knowledge and skills. These websites contain a mixture of information, videos, games, revision and tests.

Years 7, 8 and 9         BBC Bitesize - a wide range of information and activities BBC Teach - useful and informative videos

Years 10 and 11         BBC Bitesize AQA exam specific History revision podcasts – great to listen to Some online revision – free to sign up



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