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Namesake:  Major General Robert Clive, First Baron Clive, also known as Clive of India (1725-1774) a Shropshire born soldier and one of the most influential Salopians.  

He was involved in key battles which undoubtedly changed the course of history.  Clive engineered British rule in India, fighting several battles with the French for the control of the sub-continent.  

This helped cement the economic power that allowed the British Empire to grow, as well as forging the strong connections between India and Britain that still exist today.  

His brilliant leadership brought him an immense reputation in Europe and he was awarded a knighthood for his duties.

House Officials

Head of House: Mr Pete Walters

House Captain: Jack Armitage

House Deputies – Victoria Gregory, Jacob Archer, Edmund Clark, Brandon Garner, Holly Lewis, Charlie Stubbs


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