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Creative Writing
posted 07 Dec 2016

Over the last half term, all students in Year 10 entered the House Creative Writing Competition 2016. Students were tasked with producing a piece of creative writing inspired by their House Colours.

Entries were judged by Assistant Principal Mrs Massey, who proclaimed Chris Findon 10B as the winner, and Peter Carter 10C and Ruth Streetly 10W as runners up. These students will be awarded Book Tokens as prizes during their respective House Assemblies.

A huge well done to everyone involved!

Mrs Shaw

The winning piece by Chris Findon 10B

An ocean of flames block out the sky, as a colossal, majestic winged beast slowly sweeps above the landscape, it's tail continues to stretch into the distance, I can't even see the end of it, it's glowing orange blazing feathers swipe quickly but elegantly and its beak, a shining gold colour, curves downwards with a spike at the bottom to effectively destroy prey, similar to an eagle but much more useful and terrifying.

I'm getting distracted again. The vibrant orange sky of the sunset is so perplexing that I could picture a captivating Phoenix fly past, the same colour of the sky itself, a great fiery orange. The rest of the view from the brown rocky cliff I'm on is also breathtaking as well. Far away from this mountain view is my home, a small town, well, it seems small from here, filled mostly with orange brick houses with triangle-shaped black slate roofs, your typical house, some wide and some tall, but mostly all the same. A green mountainous terrain, almost like a wall that was built to protect the town, surrounds the entire area. Along parts of it are glistening blue rivers, due to the reflection of the sunlight, that head into the town and complete the sight. It looks like a fictional town, that is hidden by the land, but has a large population and if anyone were to stumble upon it, they would also have to hide the secret of its existence.

Anyway, now I have to get back to my book. I walk over to where I left it in short, wet grass. Opening it causes the smell of ink to return as I began to flip through the pages, not really concerned; it isn't very interesting. However, the knowledge written on these pages is said to be vital to live a sustaining and meaningful life. It seems pretty important, right? Wrong. I haven't used anything from it, and while others claim its importance, I'm never told a situation where it has been used fully, but still, it must be learnt, for tomorrow in fact. Today is the last day of summer, the day before I have to go back.

Brown and orange trees have already started to appear, marking the beginning of the next season, autumn, where dry, crunchy leaves fall from the withering trees and carpet the ground, the breeze gets colder and all the greenery becomes no longer green, but a dark orange colour. The leaves are swept away by the rivers like a conveyer belt, not to be seen until next year.

It's also the time where I have to go back to a terrible place. The sheer mention of it can frighten people. Well, it's not that bad. You aren't alone; everyone else is there as well, and you can all talk about what you did and what happened during the break. But that isn't what it is about. It's about preparing people for the future. They call it... a school.

Oh yes, I'll have to get back to revising my orange book about Algebra for maths tomorrow, but not before taking one last glance at the enchanting scenery.



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